The Roots of Western Rage against Muslim Polity in Europe: An Analytical study


  • Muhammad Yasin Mian Lahore Garrison University,Lahore
  • Dr. Ali Akbar Al-Azhari Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Lahore Garrison University, Lahore


motives of the west, Muslim Image in the West, Western Rage, Muslim Polity, Muslims in Europe


The West seems generally hostile against the Muslims in their presentation of Islam and their depiction of the image of Muslims is not based on reality. Currently, this behavior is observed by the writers cum bloggers like Robert Bruce Spencer and Pamela Geller, who are banned in many countries like England and Pakistan due to their extremist approach towards Muslims. They are consistently beating the drum about ‘Islamism’. Ironically the Public intellectuals like Bernard Lewis, who was the most cherished and affluent Orientalist and historian of Islam and the Middle East, interpreted Islam to the west for more than sixty years, suggested the superpower ‘to hit them between the eyes with a big stick.’ However, Edward Said and some other intellectuals have directly challenged colonialism and discussed ‘the great culture of resistance that emerged in response to (western) imperialism’. They have tried to bridge up the cleavage between the Colonialists and the colonized people. The central concern around which the study revolves is to dig out the deep-rooted motives causing the said resentment among the westerns. Consequently, in this paper, I will strive hard to find out the roots of western rage against the Muslim polity in the world, especially in Europe.


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